Teleplay Family Edition Package (FREE USA shipping)
Teleplay Family Edition Package (FREE USA shipping)
Teleplay Family Edition Package (FREE USA shipping)
Teleplay Family Edition Package (FREE USA shipping)
Teleplay Family Edition Package (FREE USA shipping)
Teleplay Family Edition Package (FREE USA shipping)
Teleplay Family Edition Package (FREE USA shipping)

Teleplay Family Edition Package (FREE USA shipping)

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Special offer: We sell this kit with 1 pair of gloves. But if you order within the next 24 hours you'll get an extra pair for FREE. Choose your glove sizes above. 

Why Do I Need This?  

It gives your kids something that's fun and creative to do. We've received emails from parents that their kids are playing with it for HOURS. How much time would that save you as a busy parent? 

It gives YOU something to do. About half our customers are adults. 

It saves you money. This is like having 1 million doll houses in 1. It gives new life to old toys that you have laying around.


1 Green Screen Blanket 
1 Green Screen Blanket Holder 
2 Pair of Green Gloves 
1 iPad Stand
1 Teleplay App for iOS, Android, and Amazon

If you're using iOS your purchase of the kit unlocks all the paid backgrounds and foregrounds for free. Currently Android and Amazon do not have any paid features.


" I've received my kit. LOVE IT! It really is easy to use and so neat. My nieces think I'm the coolest ever 😁" - Dawn Roberts

"yay! thank you for keeping us updated. I love everything about this! My husband is playing more with Teleplay then I do already hahaha. The app is amazing! I love how you can calibrate the green and even pick other colors as well. So much fun!" - Miranda Spoox McHenry

"I got a cheap pair to use for now. I ordered this kit for my 26 year old (on 5/11) autistic nephew. He loves to film.. that's really all he does.. and he has had difficulty with many apps and other types of filming ideas. He LOVES this! Five minutes after set up and he has a video and my 6 year old son helped him set it up!" - kamiwhitt

"Just received ours. This is hours of fun. I'm not sure who enjoys it more. Best $37 on a "toy" I have ever spent." - Jay Witter

"Arrived 3 days ago my 6 year old and 12 year old have played with it for an hour each day... The creativity has been great and the videos they have made has grown exponentially in quality as they discover what works and what works better, love it." - Graham Bagshaw

"Also, wanted you to know that Teleplay is AMAZING!! Really, so well done, I will share on our Synths For Kids Facebook group, even though it doesn’t have to do with synthesizers just because it is such a creative thing for kids. Seriously, it is executed so well, and works smoothly. I love how simple the setup is. I didn’t have high hopes, as I have gotten burned by many startup projects through Kickstarter, that I rarely preorder ideas before they are executed successfully, unfortunately. But this was so pertinent and needed during this lockdown and the price was right and I’m so glad I gave Teleplay a chance. This even exceeds my hopes of how good I wanted it to be. So bravo! I will tell all my friends!" 

Assembled in Pittsburgh, PA 

Teleplay is made by Nickolay, the same person who created the Lammily line of dolls, as seen on CNN, ABC, Good Morning America, and more. Here's his story:

Can I use the Teleplay app without the Teleplay kit? 

Yes of course. But your purchase of the Teleplay kit unlocks background and foregrounds which you'd otherwise have to pay for within the app. 

Does it work on phones too? 

Yes Teleplay works on phones and tablets. 

Can I use this for green screen purposes and not toys?

Absolutely! In our opinion, Teleplay is the best and most easy to use green screen app on the market. 

Does the app work on Kindle Fire? 

Yes it does! Please read our app instructions:

What's the kit made out of? 

The blanket holder and tablet/phone holder are made of sturdy wood. The blanket is fleece material. The gloves are made of polyester. 

What's your refund policy? 

We accept all returns within 30 days of ordering. Buyer has to pay return shipping if the issue was not a quality issue on our end.

What if something breaks? 

We send replacement part for free. Just email 

Where is it made? 

The wooden components are manufactured in Pittsburgh, PA. The gloves, blanket, and cubes are sourced from overseas. The entire kit is assembled and shipping in Pittsburgh.

Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Fast response

My kids like it. They enjoy your product. When ever I have a question how to do something the company is quick to respond. Shipment of product was quick once ordered.

Jim Atkinson
Flat out doesn’t work.

After hours of playing with settings, calibrating over and over again, and changing rooms and lighting options we have come to the conclusion that this overpriced thing just doesn’t work!

Hi Jim,

Can you please check the link below? If you don't have daylight you need 3 lamps lighting your screen:

Katrina Nunez
Not very good. Not kid friendly . cannot make any video close to what is advertised

setting this up is not as easy, it is hard to see figures and video is choppy the green screen seems like it just doesn't work or lighting is always needed to be adjusted but making a video without paused or constantly adjusting light is almost impossible. The videos show kids using with easy , I find it a bit disingenuous an adult needs to constantly adjust light angle etc for a semi decent video to be made. So much so It is too much fuss and kids don't even want to play with it anymore . The stands are very flimsy and the holder do not hold any tablet with a decent cover on it. Any parent who does not put a cover on a tablet for kids either with has lots of money to replace them or just likes cracks on screen. It does not produce what promised I would not recommend not kid friendly. I got it for them for Christmas . Now it is just a waste of money and too late to return do not get. I have left reviews and was promised a grabber don't fall for that either you will never get it.

Hi Katrina,

Can you please check the link below? If you don't have daylight you need 3 lamps lighting your screen:

Regarding the stands, they have a year long warranty, so if anything happens they are replaced for free on our dime!

My email is

Brittany Mitchell
So fun

I ordered this kit for my boys as they love to make little mini movies with their toys. Works well. Backgrounds are $1 each which stinks and I haven’t been able to link my kids’ tablet to my email for the free backgrounds. Otherwise works really well.

Lynn Whye
Loving it. Hours of fun

I’m teaching my 7 yr old granddaughter to use Teleplay. The set up was simple. The app is intuitive and versatile. You can use provided backgrounds or install your own. There are so many possibilities you will never run out