In 2014 I launched Lammily, the world's first line of realistically proportioned fashion dolls. It was covered on CNN, ABC, Good Morning America, and more. According to some business observers, it forced Mattel to release 'Curvy Barbie' in 2016.

The more I thought about where Lammily (and the entire toy business was heading) the more scared I got.

Kids were playing more and more with iPads forcing Lammily to become a niche toy company that sells dolls to adult toy collectors. 

I feel nothing can replace the tactile open ended creativity that comes from simple toys. 

Rather than fighting the trend, I decided to bridge the two.

Traditional toy play enhanced by technology. 

I believe that this solution preserves the core of what makes traditional toy play so healthy, but adds an additional interactive layer that's educational, fun, and imaginative. 

Teleplay is patent pending.