FREE Pair of Green Gloves

with purchase of Teleplay kit

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Teleplay is a super easy to use green screen studio which lets you take your toys anywhere you want and share your stories with the world. Right now we're doing a special preorder sale for the first 10,000 customers. You can get Teleplay for 50% off along with a FREE pair of green gloves.

Everything You Need

Stand for Green Blanket

Use with ANY toy: The stand is 42 inches wide and 16 inches tall. With the green blanket, the stand creates the perfect green screen for almost any toy you have.

Play anywhere you want: no need to hang your green screen on a wall.

Stores easily: Assembles and dis-assembles within 2 minutes

Green Blanket

Super soft fleece: comfortable playing surface 

Large playing surface: measures 40 inches by 40 inches

Green Gloves

Choose your size: sizes from age 3 and up.

Long lasting and flexible: Made using strong spandex fabric​

Elbow length: perfect for green screen use

iPad Stand

Stores easily: Assembles and dis-assembles within 1 minute

Perfect docking positions: Lets you dock your iPad in 3 different angles so you can use either the front facing selfie camera or the standard camera. ​

Compatible: Fits any size tablet

Teleplay App

Over 500 Video and Photo Scenes: Let your kids' imagination soar! 

Super Easy Interface: So easy, a 5 year old can use it.​

Educational: Visit Mars, the Mesozoic Era, Paris, the world is yours! 
Updates: We'll add new functionality to the app over time, like the ability to play with your friends who are using Teleplay, thousands of miles away.

Foreground Filters

Your purchase of the Teleplay kit gives you 15 foreground filters for free. They work like magic. 

Why We Made Teleplay

More and more, traditional toy play is being taken over by technology. Rather than fighting the trend, we decided to bridge the two. Traditional toy play enhanced by technology. 
We believe that this solution preserves the core of what makes traditional toy play so healthy, but adds an additional interactive layer that's educational, fun, and imaginative. 

Teleplay is patent pending.

Also, wanted you to know that Teleplay is AMAZING!! Really, so well done, I will share on our Synths For Kids Facebook group, even though it doesn’t have to do with synthesizers just because it is such a creative thing for kids. Seriously, it is executed so well, and works smoothly. I love how simple the setup is. I didn’t have high hopes, as I have gotten burned by many startup projects through Kickstarter, that I rarely preorder ideas before they are executed successfully, unfortunately. But this was so pertinent and needed during this lockdown and the price was right and I’m so glad I gave Teleplay a chance. This even exceeds my hopes of how good I wanted it to be. So bravo! I will tell all my friends!

Arrived 3 days ago my 6 year old and 12 year old have played with it for an hour each day...The creativity has been great and the videos they have made has grown exponentially in quality as they discover what works and what works better, love it.


Just received ours. This is hours of fun. I'm not sure who enjoys it more. 


About Us

Teleplay is made by the same people who brought to you the Lammily line of dolls, the first line of realistically proportioned fashion dolls. As seen on CNN, ABC, Good Morning America, Time, and more.