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Behind the Scenes

by Nickolay Lamm, Founder

Before Teleplay, I founded Lammily, a doll company.

You may have seen it when it went viral in 2014 for making the world's first realistically proportioned fashion doll.

I became so acquainted with the toy world that it became blatantly obvious that toys are on their way out, UNLESS they can be integrated with technology in a seamless way. 

So I spent months working on my idea for a green screen studio for toys and released it on Kickstarter in December 2019.

But it was a complete and utter failure. After 6 months of working on it and good money spent on it, I remember breaking down in my office and giving someone a hug when it dawned on me that the Kickstarter would fail. Something I never did in a work setting.  

Maybe I was crazy for thinking my new idea could actually work? 

Maybe I was just a one trick pony and my company’s days were very much numbered because of that? 

Maybe the fact that I had never written a line of code finally caught up to me? 

In early 2020 my personal life became a living nightmare. 

A friend of mine died in a tragic accident and shortly after, my best friend, my grandmother died as well. 

Trying to bring back to life this simple idea gave me a purpose when it seemed that everything around me was falling apart. 

There was no plan B, I HAD to make it work.

I remember reading somewhere that if I just work, then it’s hard to feel sad, because my mind can’t think of two things at the same time. And maybe that’s what I subconsciously did.

In the past 2 years I look back, I sold 15,000 of the same product, which initially got no interest whatsoever, with no outside investment or partners. 

I get emails from parents saying their kids are playing with it for hours. I get thank you emails from parents of autistic children, who love it. 

If you had told me last year that that was what would happen, after my Kickstarter failed, I would have given anything for that. 

If the universe can create such awful events which, statistically, almost never happen. Then I can create my own events, which, statistically, should never happen as well.  

If I can uncover a truth which nobody else saw, I can say to myself that no matter how numbingly painful or boring life can be at times, there’s always something amazing worth fighting for. 

All I have to do is try.  

Why We Made Teleplay

More and more, traditional toy play is being taken over by technology. Rather than fighting the trend, we decided to bridge the two. Traditional toy play enhanced by technology. 
We believe that this solution preserves the core of what makes traditional toy play so healthy, but adds an additional interactive layer that's educational, fun, and imaginative. 

Teleplay is patent pending.

Also, wanted you to know that Teleplay is AMAZING!! Really, so well done, I will share on our Synths For Kids Facebook group, even though it doesn’t have to do with synthesizers just because it is such a creative thing for kids. Seriously, it is executed so well, and works smoothly. I love how simple the setup is. I didn’t have high hopes, as I have gotten burned by many startup projects through Kickstarter, that I rarely preorder ideas before they are executed successfully, unfortunately. But this was so pertinent and needed during this lockdown and the price was right and I’m so glad I gave Teleplay a chance. This even exceeds my hopes of how good I wanted it to be. So bravo! I will tell all my friends!

Arrived 3 days ago my 6 year old and 12 year old have played with it for an hour each day...The creativity has been great and the videos they have made has grown exponentially in quality as they discover what works and what works better, love it.


Just received ours. This is hours of fun. I'm not sure who enjoys it more. 


About Us

Teleplay is made by the same people who brought to you the Lammily line of dolls, the first line of realistically proportioned fashion dolls. As seen on CNN, ABC, Good Morning America, Time, and more.