PicPulse Instructions

Please note that at the moment PicPulse is part of the Teleplay app, so it takes an extra 60 seconds of initial setup to do exactly what was demonstrated in the Facebook/Instagram ad you saw. 

Very soon PicPulse will be its own separate app.

If you're using iOS get started by downloading the Teleplay app in the Appstore and going through this page: 


If you're using Android get started by downloading the Teleplay app in the Google Play store and watching this video:


Please make sure to let me know which effects you specifically need so I can show you where they are or add them if they aren't there (my email is nickolay@myteleplay.com).

Your 100% satisfaction is my goal! If you make this request please also send pictures you want to use within PicPulse so I have those for reference.

In the Facebook group right here I'll be posting tutorials using PicPulse: 



Before uploading your photo inside the Teleplay app, you can spice it up a little with these separate apps:

PhotoRoom: Use its AI feature to remove a background from any photo. 
For example, a picture of a mug on a kitchen table can be transformed into a mug on top of a mountain, which gives you context to add an eagle, snow, etc inside Teleplay. 

Adobe Photoshop: Use its AI generative fill to increase the size of any photo.
For example, adding more sky to a photo gives you more room to add eye catching effects like birds flying or neon "Fall Sale" signs. 

Updates in the works for PicPulse 

Multiple foregrounds for Android - available November 29, 2023

Resizing photo/video for Android - available November 29, 2023

NEW Slow Motion Effects (cucumbers falling, curtain reveal, handkerchief unveil, tea leaves, coffee beans, flowers, petals, etc) - available December 7, 2023

AI animated foreground effects - December 31, 2023