PicPulse Getting Started for iOS

There are 3 how-to guides for you to choose from, each have the same info, but in different formats...

Slideshow Setup Guide 


Video Setup Guide

Watch the 2 videos below and/or read the text below the videos to get started using PicPulse on iOS! 

Blog Post Setup Guide

1. Click on the Picpulse button at the very top of the intro screen.

(if you accidentally click on one of the other buttons, skip the tutorials, click on the gear icon, click on PicPulse, and make sure it's turned on) 

2. Make sure to give the app access to your camera. 

3. Click on "Open Library" and then click on the first picture or video you want to use inside PicPulse. 
(if you accidentally click on "not for now" simply click on picture icon in navigation bar and look for the "your photo/video" button in bottom right corner) 
4. Your photo or video is now ready to use! Next, click on the gear icon in the top right corner. 
6. Within the gear icon click on the "Email" button and enter the email address you used to purchase PicPulse. 
7. Once you enter your email, all of the content within the gallery icon will be unlocked. 
Browse the foreground effects by searching for what you'd like or browse the different categories. 
8. When you see an effect you like, click on the thumbnail or the download icon. Wait for it to download. 
9. Once it's downloaded you can resize it and move it with your fingers. 
10. To remove an effect hold on it for 2 seconds and then click on the X that appears right above the red button. 
11. Hold the red button for 2 seconds to record a video. 
12.  To use your own JPG, PNG, APNG, or GIF files, click on "Upload" button in lower right corner.
13. Upload your files, tap on the file you want to use, and move it just like you would any foreground effect! Use the backgrounds within the app or your own photos/videos to change the background behind your files. 

Add multiple foreground effects at same time. 
You can remove the navigation bar by swiping it to the left.