Product Shoot Instructions


Follow these steps and I promise you’ll get the same results you’ve seen in the Facebook/Instagram ads for Teleplay.

When done right, Teleplay will get you 99% of the results the pros charge for, for 2% of the cost.

Let's do this!

Side note: If you ever need help please email me at or text 724-407-8931. 

1. Set up your kit

To get started, set up your kit using the product or human sized blanket: 

Your physical setup doesn't have to look exactly like above, but it should be pretty close. If you have good daylight you can use that instead, but I'm assuming you want to use Teleplay at any hour of the day. 

You can't go wrong by using the bulbs/lamps in links below:


Clamp Lamp:

Lighting is absolutely crucial to getting the same "magical" results you saw in the Facebook advertisements. If you don't have enough lamps or are on a budget email me directly at and I'll ship out to you a lighting package at my cost. 

2. Download the Teleplay app from the AppStore or Google Play Store

After you download the app, make sure to enter your email to unlock all paid content. 

3. Calibrate 

Turn on all the lights you'll use for your scene and press on the gear icon  in the top right hand corner. Click on calibrate while your product is not in the scene. Once that's done place your product back on the base.

4. Create 

That's it! Download backgrounds and foregrounds by clicking on the picture icon

Please check out the Facebook group for Teleplay owners where I post new effect updates as well as tips to get the most out of your Teleplay kit.

You can also browse my Youtube channel where I post product demos for all sorts of products. 

If you ever have any questions, I’m here for you. My email is

More tips: 

You can move each foreground and resize using pinch-to-zoom.

You can remove each foreground by pressing and holding on the screen for 3 seconds. Once you do that an X will appear. Click on the X and the foreground will be removed. 


To remove the white navigation bar, swipe on it and it will collapse. 


If you tap the red record button a picture will be made. If you hold for about 2 seconds and then release a video will start recording.

All content you create is saved on your device's library.