App Instructions

Welcome to Teleplay! If you ever have any questions, please reach out to me at

iOS users: To download Teleplay 1.23.1 search for Teleplay in the App Store. Please make sure that your phone or tablet tablet is running the latest operating system before downloading. If you don't yet have the Teleplay kit, check out the NEW magic mode, which lets you have the green screen effect without the Teleplay kit. This video shows you how to use it. 

Android users: Search for Teleplay in the Google Play store. As of May 1, 2021 it has a 2.0 rating, which isn't great. But please keep in mind that most of the negative reviews were written before a major update in February 2021 which solved critical bugs. On April 30, 2021 we released a major update which added the ability to preview backgrounds, foreground filter animations, and general updates. 

Kindle Fire users: Search for Teleplay in the Amazon Appstore! On May 1, 2021 we released a major update! 


1. Position your tablet or phone in front of the green screen. You can position it like in the photo below or use your device's rear camera. 

2. Make sure you have GOOD LIGHTING. The app works really well in room filled with daylight. Windows like this will do the trick:

However, if you do not have daylight you just need to get 2-3 lamps around your house and have a setup that looks like this: 

Make sure you're using standard white colored lamps which DO NOT have a yellowish glow to them. 

The video below shows how well the app works under varying lighting conditions and how the quality of the app improves with more lighting. PLEASE watch this video before emailing customer support about grainy footage.

 3. Make sure you DO NOT place your toys too close to the camera of your tablet or phone. THIS IS IMPORTANT. The video below shows why. 

4. In the app interface you'll notice 4 icons in top right hand corner:

 this flips between the two cameras

 adds sound when playing and recording video

 lets you choose the background you want to use

 calibrates the color of your green screen

5. In the top right hand corner of the interface click on the  icon. Then, click on "calibrate" so that the app recognizes the shade of green you're using. Use this video for guidance if needed. 

6. Time to choose a background! Click on . There you will find that the backgrounds are sorted by category.  You'll also see foreground filters! These go in front of your toy to give you really cool special effects! 


 7. Once you choose a background category you'll notice that there are 3 subcategories: video preview, photo preview, and downloaded. The two preview subcategories let you browse and preview the different backgrounds (the photo previews are blank and will be filled in by end of this month).

Here we are previewing the "Croatia" video background. 

8. Once you see a preview you like, click on the download icon. In the example below, we downloaded "Sunset Ride". Once you have it downloaded click on the background icon again and it will now show up on your green screen. 

9. You'll notice that all downloaded backgrounds show up in "Downloaded".

10. You'll notice that the interface allows you to favorite backgrounds/foregrounds and to use backgrounds from your own tablet library. 

11. If you want to add sound, click on  . Make sure to download the music first before clicking the play button. 

12. If you want to silence sound click on the icon in bottom left corner. When you record your own voice audio with music, we suggest you silence the music so that, in your video recording, your voice is more audible relative to the music. 


13. To remove a preview or a downloaded background simply use the swipe gesture on the background itself and it will disappear. You'll need to do this if you want to re-calibrate your green screen. 


14. To remove the white navigation bar, swipe on it and it will collapse. 

15. In iOS, if you tap the red record button a picture will be made. If you hold for about 2 seconds and then release a video will start recording.

In Android, tap the red record button and a video will start recording. 

All content you create is saved on your device's library.