PicPulse - Transform Your Stills into Sales

PicPulse - Transform Your Stills into Sales

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What if you could transform your still images into attention getting, sales generating, works of art? 

Your could hire someone for $200 per scene or you can learn to do it yourself in programs like Adobe Premiere, while paying up to $300 for each animated asset.

That's why we imported over 4,000 animations (the total cost of which is $25,000) into 1 easy to use app.

So you can create as many attention getting videos as you want, in seconds. 

It's PicPulse by Teleplay.  

And right now we have a special offer, just for entrepreneurs, creators, and doers, where you get the app for a one time investment. 

The Story Behind Teleplay 

Founder Nickolay Lamm is the same person behind Lammily, which went viral in 2014 for releasing the world's first realistically proportioned fashion doll. The idea for Teleplay, which spawned PicPulse, started when he was making a homemade commercial for the doll line. 

PicPulse is on the Apple Appstore for iOS devices, Google Play Store for Android devices, and Chrome Web Store for desktop users. 

How to Use

1. Upload your photo (or video) into the Teleplay app. 
2. Add foreground effects. 
3. Press red record button. 


1. Upload your photo into the Teleplay app.
2. Use the NEW AI tool to remove the background in seconds.
3. Replace background with one of over 3,000 video or photo backgrounds within the app.
4. Add foreground effects. 
5. Press red record button. 

Sample Demos

Just 1 PicPulse generated scene costs up to $500 elsewhere...



What's Effects Are Inside PicPulse?  

AI Generated GIF Animations in PicPulse from Nickolay Lamm on Vimeo.



Claim PicPulse and Get These FREE Bonuses...

Access to Member Only Facebook Group 


  • ​​​​Live customer support: Have a question? Post it in the Facebook group and the founder will reply within 24 hours.
  • Content Ideas Galore: New product demonstrations are posted every other day. 
  • Tutorials: We post tutorials on how to get the most out of PicPulse. 
  • New Effect Updates: Be the first to know when the app gets new effects and keep track of game changing software updates! 
  • ​Over 800 members and counting: Invite to group is sent after PicPulse purchase. 

500+ Sound Effects ($200 Value)   

Sounds for your visual and practical effects, locations, actions, and so much more.
  • Ambient
  • Animals
  • Crashes and Debris
  • ​Electricity
  • ​Movement
  • ​​People
  • ​Sci-Fi
  • ​Liquids
  • ​Vehicles
  • ​Natural Elements 

300+ Royalty Free Music ($200 Value)  

Original music for your productions that you won't find anywhere else. No attribution required.
  • Action
  • Dance
  • Dramatic
  • ​Electronic
  • ​Disco
  • ​​Epic
  • Fantasy
  • ​Hip Hop
  • ​Feel Good
  • Western
  • ​Thriller
  • ​Mystery


Is there a subscription required with this?  

No! The special offer price is for a one time payment which includes cost of the kit and lifetime use of the app. 

How do I download the software? 

Download on your iOS or Android device. Use the email you used to purchase the kit to unlock all the paid content. You can do this right after purchase, no need to wait for the physical kit to arrive in mail. 

Where do the videos/photos save on my device? 

Inside your normal video/photo library on your phone or tablet. From there you can share your content anywhere you want. 

Can I add foreground effects to existing photos AND videos? 


How long does processing take? 

Instantly for photos. Between 10 seconds and a minute for video, depends on whether or not you use foreground effects in your video. 

​What if I need help? 

All customers get access to a private Facebook group where the founder posts tutorials and answers any questions. Customers post their projects as well. Customers also have access to a Youtube channel with over 80 tutorials for different types of product shoots. 

How can I come up with creative ideas when using Teleplay? 

We have a Youtube channel which is guaranteed to give you ideas for your specific product. You're also welcome to post in the private Facebook group for Teleplay product owners, the founder will give ideas just for you! 

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