Teleplay Kit - Create Amazing Product Shoots

Teleplay Kit - Create Amazing Product Shoots

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Get 5x ROI, or your money back.

If after 12 months you haven't got 5x the value back you paid for Teleplay, we'll refund you in full. No questions asked.

Ships same or next business day. 

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The Story Behind Teleplay

Founder Nickolay Lamm is the same person behind Lammily, which went viral in 2014 for releasing the world's first realistically proportioned fashion doll. The idea for Teleplay started when he was making a homemade commercial for the doll line. 


What's Inside a Teleplay Kit? 

1 Green Blanket — Perfect Size for Product Shoots

Large surface: measures 40 inches by 40 inches.

Polyester: stitched and made in Colombia.

Easy to light: Can use daylight, lamps, or room lights. 

3 3M Wall Hooks

Hang your blanket on any wall!

No residue if removed ​​Made by 3M

2 'Product Placement' Cubes

These green cubes make your objects float, gives them something to sit on, and props them up. (2 X 2 X 2 inches each)

1 Pair of Green Elbow Length Gloves

Create floating object effects ​

One size fits all adults

3,400+ Professional Effects

Over 4000 Video and Photo Backgrounds: Let your imagination soar! Use the photo or video backgrounds from your own camera roll if you'd like! ​

Over 1400 Foreground Filters: Categories include shockwaves, lightning, magic smoke and fire, spell beams, energy balls and force fields, magic web, magic defense shields, death eaters, frost, toon effects, explosions, fire, dust and debris, weather, vehicles, sci-fi, action characters, water and liquids, animals, plants and flowers, aged footage, emergency lights, sparkles, emoji, transitions. ​​​All mobile platforms: Teleplay works on iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire

Access to Member Only Facebook Group

Live customer support: Have a question? Post it in the Facebook group and the founder will reply within 24 hours.

Content Ideas Galore: New product demonstrations are posted every other day. 

Tutorials: We post tutorials on how to get the most out of your Teleplay kit. 

New Effect Updates: Be the first to know when the app gets new effects! 

Over 2,000 members and counting: Invite to group is sent after purchase of Teleplay kit.  

'Choose Your Own' Background Functionality 

​​​​​​​​Make Your Own: Click on "Your Photo/Video" inside the Teleplay app to use any video or photo on your device's library as a background.

AI compatible Use programs like Midjourney to create AI generated backgrounds and put them inside your scene with the "Choose Your Own" background tool. ​​​​

All mobile platforms: Teleplay works on iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire 

TruLife Technology


By purchasing the kit you get access to state of the art features which make your green screen shoots indistinguishable from everyday life at the touch of a button.

Green spill removal: Removes the green colors commonly visible in green screen shoots.

Edge blur and color correction: Makes your product look natural with the digital background. NEW Coming June 10, 2023

White Glove Service 

After your purchase we'll send you an email, asking what products you're looking to promote with Teleplay.

Any new effects that we add weekly to the app will be catered to your specific needs. 



500+ Sound Effects 

300+ Royalty Free Music  

100+ Product Videography Effects

750+ Digital Backdrops

250+ Ecommerce Animated Templates 

150+ Food and Beverage Videography Effects

150+ Particle Effects 


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Wendy Curry
App Review

Enjoy the app on Android and iPad ... have a few issues with it on Android but overall great system.

Sherman Schuett
It does not work on an Android 8 Tablet

I have submitted my complaint about the Teleply App not working on an A8 Tablet. The app comes on for a brief second then shuts down. Still not fixed.

App should work now, can you please update it on Google play?

pamala muniz

Enjoying learning how to use and download features. Thanks Nickolay!

Sheena Marais
Haven’t 100% formed my opinion yet

Still trying to get the lighting right to avoid the green around my items or half of the item getting washed out. I’m not giving up on this guy..such great potential. One suggestion is to add a search option for back and foregrounds

Robert Phillips

Teleplay Kit - Create Amazing Product Shoots